Native Honey

Honey is in big demand today. It is a wonderful food that has a lot of health benefits. Many people come to us to purchase honey for relief of their allergies.

Our wildflower honey is a blend of some of the best honey in the area. Bees are necessary for the pollination of many fruits and vegetables throughout the world and home here in Connecticut.

Our bees are moved from one crop to another throughout the growing season. All of our bees are moved after they pollinate the particular crop that they were intended to pollinate. This is done before any spraying is done. Some of the crops that we pollinate are peaches, apples, strawberries, corn and pumpkins. We take great care that the health of our bees remains vibrant and productive. The harvest of honey starts in August well into September.

We would like to say that our honey is raw. It has been and will always be raw. Our honey never goes over 120°, which is very important. If honey goes over 168° for 15 to 20 minutes, it becomes pasteurized and will be classified as a sweetener. It does not have any health benefits at this point. All of our honey is strained through four screens at 110° so that we can get the honey to flow. Our honey is packed at 110° in glass containers to preserve its freshness.

Take some home today to enjoy the difference in quality in our local honey.

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